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Bringing care closer to you
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Obesity occurs for a wide variety of reasons,
but once a person is very overweight it can
lead to all sorts of other health problems,
such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure,
heart disease and some cancers.
It can also cause people to be miserable and
depressed. Plus it can take up a lot of valuable
time for doctors and other health professionals.

We know it is hard to do, but losing even a
small amount of weight (at least 5-10%) is
likely to lead to an improvement in some
medical conditions you may have and will
help you to feel better about yourself.
We provide a multi-disciplinary team of
specialists to tackle long-standing weight
problems in adults.

First, check your Body Mass Index by clicking
below. Then, if you are very overweight,
want to do something about it and are
prepared to work with our team of experts
see if one of the services shown on the next
page may be right for you.
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