IPC Headquarters




When you join us you will be invited to an induction at our headquarters in Arundel. There you will meet our HR and Staff Welfare team who will help you find your feet with us and be available to support you at any point from then on. We understand that being a good employer means getting the basics right as well as being creative and flexible in supporting our staff.



We advertise on a range of platforms as well as internally, seeking to reach people effectively according to their potential role. We place a high value on lots of helpful initial contact, for example informal conversations to find out about roles or even visiting sites. We do this so that you and the company have every chance to find out about each other and arrive at a clear understanding of whether employment with us will be right for you. Our HR team is committed to giving you a comprehensive, thorough and caring welcome throughout the process of joining us and then induction.


Staff Welfare

We know that supporting staff effectively means different things at different times for different people. Our Staff Welfare Manager and our Training Team ensure that a variety of support is available throughout the year:

  • Payroll queries and communication is vital to everyone, we enable all staff to contact our payroll team or their own Service Manager whenever they need to
  • Employee Assistance Programme which includes advice, information for a variety of life topics, counselling and everything in between
  • Staff social events, both adhoc and seasonal, sometimes in small groups, sometimes all together
  • Teaching sessions relevant to each role (whether clinical, administrative or managerial)
  • Peer support groups for many different types of role, bringing together colleagues in similar roles from across the area we serve
  • Simply Thanks: our scheme making it easy and fun to award colleagues with a one off gift and recognition for a particular moment of teamwork or care

Development and Progression

We are proud of our staff retention and particularly the high proportion of people who develop new skills and transfer to new roles with us. Our mission to support General Practice and patients means there are often opportunities to try something new with us should you wish to. We also know that individual staff, and the healthcare service as a whole, often benefit from people moving between different parts of the NHS. When this is right for someone, as with everything else we do for our staff, we are committed to doing this well.  



We are a geographically diverse team in terms of workplaces! IPC staff are to be found in GP practices, vaccination centres, admin offices and hospital sites across the area. We are proud of our staff’s ability to work flexibly and with many colleagues from other organisations. To support them in this we are committed to flexible IT, safe working environments and to regular 121 support for everyone, wherever they work for us.