PCN Support




A big part of our work with Primary Care Networks is with people. We develop innovative portfolio roles and training opportunities to build resilience in the clinical workforce on which we all depend.

As needs emerge and funding allows we recruit, employ, deploy and develop staff to work in Primary Care Networks.

We do this for the following roles:

  • Clinical pharmacists
  • Pharmacy technicians
  • First contact practitioners
  • Physicians associates
  • Care coordinators
  • Health and wellbeing coaches


We are passionate about supporting all of our staff and so are committed to the following:

  • Giving people protected time to create and/or share new ways of doing things
  • Linking with other organisations (like NHS trusts, other federations, and those in Social Care) to regularly find and learn from new ideas
  • Helping all by establishing and running peer support networks across the federation area, this gives people some time with those in a similar role and can include teaching, sharing experiences and solving -problems together.
  • Setting and then offering data tools to practices to support monitoring and learning for each PCN role