Smarter Working




Over the past 3 years, we have been working with Premium Primary Care (a local, specialist primary care support company) jointly delivering a “Smarter Working” service, including offering Deep Dive Days to practices within Sussex.

We recognise the extreme pressure on general practice and that each practice is unique with different strengths to celebrate, different obstacles to overcome and different habits to keep or change. Only you can really know what your practice needs to strengthen the work you are doing, and any gaps you may have in your governance processes and knowledge.

The purpose of a Deep Dive Day is to fill knowledge gaps, provide opportunity for reflective self-evaluation, deliver some immediate tangible benefits, and set up a list to work through of any further improvements necessary for sustained and efficient compliance.

A Deep Dive Day team understands that the part they can play in this is entirely about providing the right environment, encouragement, and some additional knowledge. Their purpose? To help GP practices achieve what they want to by working out how to put their own abilities and ideas to most effective use.

A Deep Dive Day Team typically consists of a GP, a Nurse or Clinical Pharmacist, and three managers, each with their own area of expertise. They spend a whole day at the practice, working closely with the practice manager, CQC Registered Manager and a variety of staff. Their outputs include:

  • Preparation of bespoke schedule beforehand.
  • A summary of themes.
  • A list of specific recommendations immediately at the end of the day.
  • Complete write up of the summary, recommendations, and full record of visit afterwards.

Additional smarter working support includes:

  • Analysis of demand or particular processes in order to save time or improve consistency
  • Management support through times of transition or significant change
  • Setup and training in three locally popular tools: TeamNet, SystmOne improvements or DutyDoctor