Continuing professional development is key to good practice. IPC offer a range of tailored training courses for healthcare professionals.

On a training course different participants assume one of three roles or approaches to the event:

  • An explorer who is passionate and takes it on board
  • A tourist who is interested but may then forget it
  • A prisoner who is forced to be there

The IPC training program focuses on helping every participant to become an explorer on each course they attend. Our team does this by planning, arranging and running courses, only if they are all of the following things:

  • Relevant: we know the topic is needed by the people attending. Our ongoing relationships and training needs assessment, with our member practices, makes this not only possible but also very rewarding.
  • Engaging: we have confidence in the ability of each trainer that provides content for our courses. Our experience in working with many local and national providers, both large and small, makes this possible.
  • Affordable: as a not-for-profit organisation working alongside a supportive Health Education England training hub and CCG, all of our courses for primary care staff are excellent value. We often run courses at cost to ensure they are provided precisely when needed and are often able to offer subsidised rates.